It's no secret, we love to layer! More is more has always been the motto. Our necklace game is no different, we adore layering up our glittering golden chains and choosing our favourite charms each day that hold a special place in our heart or just happen to match our morning mood. A 'chain party' as we like to call it, has a special way of making us all feel glam and golden, even when we are literally layering up those chains to wear with our tracksuits and #wfh. Whatever makes you feel your most fabulous self honey, we are here for it and here for you.

We currently have a special offer available for our MM Women, as we want you to all be involved in a Chain Party moment! Choose three of your favourite necklaces, mix and match your charms, add to cart, and when you go through checkout an automatic discount will be applied. Three chains for $200?!  STUNNING.

So what are you waiting for? Build an enviable collection of chains and charms that sit pretty on your neckline. The more the merrier we say, it's a Chain Party after all!

Mountain & Moon With a Twist Musk Ball necklace gold chain party

Mountain & Moon On the Rocks Fan charm necklace and One &Only heart locket pendant gold chain party

Mountain & Moon On the Rocks link chain necklace and Dagger charm One & Only chain gold chain party

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April 10, 2020