Florals for Spring... Groundbreaking

Florals for Spring, ground breaking. BUT even Miranda Priestly can’t contest the fact that flowers really do brighten up your day. And what better way to add a bit of Spring (pun intended) in your step than to load up on some floral jewellery essentials. As they say, Spring is a divine reminder of just how beautiful change can be.

Your floral arrangements don’t necessarily have to include colour this year. Think pretty pearl arrangements and gold details as well.

Shop the Rosetta Necklace online now

Charms are big in 2021 and the Rosetta necklace is the perfect piece to kick off your Spring celebrations. Available on your choice of Plain, Twisted or a Link chain. The Rosetta Necklace is a nostalgic piece, perfect for layering.

Shop the Lottie Earrings online now in Blue Copper Turquoise and Ruby Quartz

Ain’t no shame in the stud game! The Lottie Earrings feature a beautiful golden flower with a central stone of either Blue Copper Turquoise and Ruby Quartz.

Shop the Mini Lottie Earrings in Crystal Quartz online now

The baby sis to the Lottie Earrings, the Mini Lottie is perfect for layering your favourite pieces. Featuring a 24K gold plated flower with a central Crystal Quartz stone. 

Shop the Kareena Earrings online now

The Kareena Earrings are a gold half hoop featuring a floral link chain. Each flower features a gorgeous Citrine gemstone in the centre. A floral piece with a more decadent side.

Shop the Rekha Earrings online now

It’s starting to heat up and so are these floral jewellery pieces. The Rekha Earrings are not for the faint hearted. Featuring a 5-tier floral drop with a glass pearl detail to finish. These statement earrings are head turners and will have you ready for any Spring occasion.

Shop the Ashton Earrings online now

As promised, pearl floral details feature in the Ashton Earrings. Inspired by vintage Hollywood & over the top decadence to bring out your inner Diva. These statement earrings are so beautiful you’ll feel like a Queen wearing them.

Shop the Dina Earrings in Moonstone, Pearl, Blue Chalcedony and Rose Glass online now

Finally, we have the Dina Earrings in an array of colours. Featuring a chunky gold hoop with a floral drop consisting of the gemstone of your choice. Wear them alone for an everyday piece or stacked with other accessories for a night out statement earring. 

September 27, 2021