Introducing Ambra! The ultimate creative Queen, she styles looks that truly speak to us. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice, and aspires to work in child protection. What an absolute powerhouse, we adore her.

A big thank you to Ambra for taking the time to share a moment with us. Find out more about this inspirational beauty below.

Hello Queen! For those that don’t know you, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Ambra, pronounced ”arm-bra” it is of Italian Origin and means amber coloured. My ethnicity is Italian and Malay/Indian. I am a lover of all things fashion and justice. I recently graduated with a bachelor of criminology and justice, my passion is to eventually work in child protection. However my heart lays with modelling. From the earliest photos of me as a child i was seen posing in different outfits and I remember waking up and listening to the music channel Rage and I would change my outfit to match the mood of literally every single song that would play. My biggest belief is equality, I believe equality is ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

What's your sign baby? 

My star sign is a Capricorn, I’m born on December 22nd 2000 

Have you always been so driven and motivated and what is currently inspiring you to keep kicking goals? 

I’ve always been a determined person. I have many times where I lack motivation and drive just like anyone else but my determination to finish a goal is what’s always kept me going. I take my inspiration from myself, I envision how I see my future and I take the steps to get there which essentially helps me achieve my goals.

Best advice from someone you admire in your life?

If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Describe your personal style…

I’ve been known to wear anything and everything. I wouldn’t say I have one set style as everyday I dress according to how I’m feeling! But bold, bright, glamorous, vintage and artistic are some words I’d use to describe my style. But no matter what I wear HAVE to be covered in gold jewellery hehe. Style is subjective, wear what you want and what makes you happy!

What activity or person takes you to your happy place and why?

An activity that makes me feel happy and myself is working out at the gym and modelling! Both I’m so passionate about and both are where I can be myself & be creative! Being with my family and best friends always makes me feel happy and recharged, it’s where I feel most understood.

What has been your most favourite life lesson?

I wouldn’t say it’s a life lesson but a quote by Heraclitus once said “Change is the only constant in life” and every time life throws me an unexpected obstacle I reflect on that quote. 

Tell us your favourite saying (if you have one)...

If you are ever confused between two things always choose the second option because if the first option was truly meant for you there wouldn’t be a second choice or a moment of doubt.

We believe in manifesting... Any 2022 goals or dreams you want to say out loud?

It’s a secret hehe… I believe in manifesting that much that I say what I need to happen out loud and let it go, it’s for the universe to deliver it to me when it’s my time. 

Thank you for forever wearing our jewels like such a goddess! What are you most favourite MM styles?

Wow that’s a very difficult question for me lol, I wear MM with every outfit I style! But my go-to pieces that I would suggest to anyone who is wanting to buy MM jewellery to match with any outfit is the “Rani Necklace, Priscilla Earrings & Rowi Ring."

Ambra wears the Ashton Earrings, Monica Ring, Aphrodite CharmRani Necklace, Tijana Necklace, Georgina Necklace, Roxanne Necklace, Linking Hoop, Bambina Hoops Stars.

June 19, 2022