An actual muse in every sense of the word to us at Mountain & Moon, beautiful angel Aniqua has become a staple in our campaign imagery the past year and someone we just had to properly introduce you to. Model, stylist, director, producer, mentor, talent manager, actress... she is a woman who can do it all! It has been the ultimate pleasure to get to know Aniqua and we are so humbled by her incredible work ethic, down to earth realness, and what an absolute sweetheart she is.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more amazing & multifaceted Queen to work with in this industry, not to mention someone with more flawless skin than her! We are OBSESSED with Aniqua and we know you'll love her too <3

Hi beautiful woman, for those that don't have the pleasure of knowing you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I would say I’m a hardcore hustler in my industry. I’m the one who says ‘yes, I’ll make it work’ to all my clients, even when I might be juggling a million other things at the same time. I’m also that girl who is just over the top grateful for every job I get booked for, you would think by now I would calm, but I hate letting people down and I want everything to be perfect. I have a few roles so it’s hard to title what I do. Here it is in a nutshell:

Commercial and beauty face
Freelance Producer & Campaign Director (I have the best clients)
Mentor, Stylist, Talent Manager at Model Camp Academy/MC Agency

What's your sign baby?

Capricorn haha... I definitely have the stubborn and disciplined traits.

How did you get your start in the fashion and modelling industry?

Like most young models my parents put me in modelling classes at 13 with Spiers. I always got told ‘you would make it big, if only you were taller’... it kind of put me off for a while. Then when I was about 19 I started up again doing campaigns for Maurice Meade and started to get noticed from there, then I moved to Sydney and got signed. I’ve now done campaigns in Asia + USA and lots of local and national campaigns. It’s just grown so much over time and it’s because of all the relationships I’ve built and not giving up. I’m so grateful every time I get booked for anything because traditionally I don’t belong in this industry as a model. Styling and producing kind of just stemmed from modelling, I’ve always been so focused and in awe of the fashion industry. I just love to create.

We know you as such a hard-working, motivated, yet humble Queen. Where does your drive come from?!

I love every part of the industry I’m in, so the industry its self is my drive because I don’t want to give it up. I’m lucky to even be in it full time.

You’re our muse Aniqua, who’s yours?

I have a fair few muses and they are all strong women I work with. In all honesty, the women behind Mountain and Moon inspire me a lot, the strong sense of their style and the drive behind the brand is amazing to watch (sounds corny but so true).

Best advice you’ve gotten from your mama?

To always stay humble. My mum is my biggest supporter and she has always kept me grounded.

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Morocco! All the buildings and colours look so amazing.

We’ve literally never met anyone as glowing and fresh faced as you honey! We all NEED your morning routine and overall beauty tips please!

Take care of your skin! I used to suffer from really bad acne as a teenager and still battle breakouts now but you wouldn’t tell because I’ve had a very strict skin care routine since I was 17 (thanks to my dermal therapist/mum). Accept that taking care of your skin will be something you need to do everyday.

You wear your MM jewels in the most classically beautiful way. Thankyou! What’s your fav MM styles and why do you love to accessorise with jewellery?

I wear my Lola hoops ALL THE TIME, they make me feel polished. My collection is growing because I love the gold tone of MM, it’s perfect for my skin tone and always makes a statement. My style tends to be fairly structured and minimal, but I love to add some MM jewellery to elevate my look.

We believe the power of manifestation is so real! What are your goals and plans for 2020 & beyond?

This year I’m really focused on doing more commercials, so far that’s kicked off nicely (coming to you on your TV screen!!). I would love to be back in Sydney for a while to do more work again there... thinking 2021!

Image of Aniqua Toquero Mountain & Moon muse model actress Perth stylist

Image of Aniqua Toquero Mountain & Moon muse model actress Perth stylist

Image of Aniqua Toquero Mountain & Moon muse model actress Perth stylist

Image of Aniqua Toquero Mountain & Moon muse model actress Perth stylist

Image of Aniqua Toquero Mountain & Moon muse model actress Perth stylist

You can follow our muse Aniqua & connect with her here.
Aniqua wears MM jewels in various campaigns and self taken imagery.  

Featured imagery by Tijana Lilic, Aniqua Toquero and Jess Winterburn.


March 17, 2020