In a nutshell, who is Scarlett? 

Ciao! I'm Scarlett, I'm 24 and I live in Fremantle, Western Australia. I'm a full time drummer. 

Hanging out at home with you and your pups, drinking coffee made by your lovely mama, and lounging around swapping goss… it’s easy to forget you’re a local gal made pretty damn big in the music scene. Does life still feel relatively normal for you when you’re in Perth or have things changed?

Haha, thanks guys! I think Perth is a pretty good place to base yourself. At times it does feel quite insular, a bit like a small town but it also feels like the city has really come to life in the last few years. We are a supportive, tight knit community, especially in the music scene. Nothing's really changed here for me and that's why I like it. I love going to Mojo's or the Bird and watching my friends' bands play, being at home listening to records, spending time with my friends and family and my hounds. I think whilst I'm in my 20's I'd love to experience living overseas, even if its for a few months. 

You’re living a ‘bright lights, big city life’ right now, travelling around the country with San Cisco and internationally on your down time. How do you stay grounded with all the to & fro?

As much as I like being at home, I enjoy moving around. Touring can be exhausting but i've been to places that I would otherwise never get to see, from Lincoln, Nebraska in the US (not sure if I'd rush back there) to Mexico, Japan, Europe... I think it's easy to take the touring aspect of being in a band for granted, because it can still feel like work and you spend so much time away from loved ones. I've always felt extremely lucky to have gotten to this level with music and it's constantly in the back of my head how fickle this industry can be and how quickly peoples' tastes change and evolve. So I think that thought alone keeps me grounded.

What are your non negotiables when it comes to keeping happy & healthy every day? 

I think having a creative outlet and keeping busy is so important. I get my creative fix from drumming, taking photos on my film camera, singing in my car, DJing, dressing up/styling, collaborating on fun projects like this! I also started doing yoga about 5 years ago. My yoga instructor's name is Kale Leaf (no joke) and he's been teaching for 30 years and has become somewhat of a mentor for me. I don't practice as much as I should but it's an amazing tool to have, being able to rely on yourself to fix any aches or pains, just knowing your body really well, I find it empowering. 

You’ve got an enviable wardrobe & savvy eye for style that mixes up vintage finds with feminine florals from brands like Reformation & classic luxe Gucci accessories. We’re not gonna lie, we are a lil jealous of your beautiful wardrobe! Have you always loved fashion? & what’s your motto when it comes to curating the perfect collection of pieces?

Aw, thank you! I've always loved clothes, costumes and dressing up. I didn't let anyone tell me what to wear when I was a kid. I was a real girly girl. When I was in primary school I kind of grew out of that and wanted to dress like everyone else. My mum used to drag me to op shops and I hated it. Then, when I was ten years old we lived in New York for six months and I discovered vintage for the first time. Our friend and performer Anna Copa Cabanna worked in a store on St Marks Place called Physical Graffiti and wore the best vintage outfits. The east village in the early 2000's was incredible. I met so many eccentric, creative people living on the margins of society; musicians, artists, writers. I think the idea of not conforming rubbed off on me and my sense of style. I don't have a motto but I think the key to style is to not follow fashion or trends too closely.  I always regret 'fast fashion' purchases. I'd rather invest in good quality clothes and vintage and dress for my body. 

Describe your ideal weekend in our hometown Perth …

Friday night, go to the Local Hotel and a gig at Mojo's. Saturday (this is me being optimistic), wake up and go to yoga at Off The Wall, followed by a coffee at the Cool Room in east freo and a rummage at Old Values. Sunday, sleep in, maybe visit my Nonna, hang out with friends and eat cheese.
Fav crystal.
Rose Quartz. It's a good all-rounder.  
Right now I can’t live without…
My fluffy loafers
Best place in the world I’ve explored.
I love big cities like New York and L.A,  Paris. I also think the south west of WA is beautiful for its beaches.  
Most inspiring woman in my life is…
My mum!
I feel most beautiful when…
When I'm playing drums, I think that's when I'm most feeling myself. 
Magic is…

May 15, 2017