The meaning behind the stones in our jewellery...

We love delicate details here at Mountain & Moon and we are complete suckers for beautiful stones (who isn’t). It’s more than the obvious beauty of the stones we use, but their positive vibrations. The meaning and benefit behind each stone is what intrigues us most.

So, want to know what your favourite Mountain & Moon pieces mean? Read on.


No two moonstones are the same – they range in colour and clarity. From semitransparent to opaque and colourless to white. We love the moonstone because it has a connection to the feminine. It represents a symbol of light and hope and also encourages us to embrace new beginnings.

Some of the Mountain & Moon jewels to feature moonstones include – The Maya Earrings, Dina Earrings and Monica Ring.

Mountain & Moon Moonstone

Pink Chalcedony Stones

These pretty pink stones have a soothing and nourishing energy. They are said to encourage a willingness to learn and discover new things. Traditionally it is worn by mothers to ensure the protection of their newborn babies. Some of the following Mountain & Moon pieces that feature Pink Chalcedony Stones might just be the perfect present for your close friends and family expecting a baby!

Mountain & Moon pieces that feature Pink Chalcedony Stones include – Our NEW Harp Charm (can be worn as earrings or on your necklace), our Bianca Ring and the Calista Necklace.

Mountain and Moon Pink

Ruby Quartz

Ruby Quartz is easily identifiable from its usually deep ruby red colour. Ruby quartz is said to encourage love. It is the perfect stone to help remove negativity and toxicity from your life, in order to enrich it with positive energy.

Do you know someone that needs a little passion in their life? Some Mountain & Moon pieces that feature Ruby Quartz include – Alexandra Earrings, Tijana Necklace, Juliet Earrings and the Danica Ring.

Mountain and Moon Ruby Quartz

Birthstone Rings

If you can’t choose just one meaningful stone, shop our Birthstone Rings! We have 12 different gemstone options that make the perfect gift for you or someone special. Coordinate with yours or their birth month, or just wear what you gravitate towards!

Shop the Birthstone Rings online here.

Mountain and Moon Birthstone Rings

October 20, 2022