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If you’re a lover of sentimental gifts, our new Birthstone Rings are perfect for you. Each birth month has its own unique stone and story. The meaning of each birthstone alternates according to different religions. In Hinduism, your birthstone traditionally represents mystical powers. Hindu practices associate gemstones with the different celestial forces, called navaratna in Sanskrit. They believe that each stone offers healing powers and protection from evil.

Which month are you?

January Birthstone

January is the Garnet Stone. According to legend, it will protect you from nightmares and offer guidance. The colour red symbolises love, faith and courage.

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Jenny January

February Birthstone

February is the Amethyst Stone. The amethyst represents passion, hope and royalty. Amethyst has the power to overcome difficulty and strengthen love relationships.

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Francine Feb

March Birthstone

March is the Milky Aquamarine Stone. It was traditionally worn to protect seafarers and reminded them of loved ones on long trips. Nowadays, it is said to promote self-expression and creativity. 

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Marnie March

April Birthstone

April is the Diamond (lucky you!). Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love dating back to ancient Greece. They are believed to increase energy. Our beautiful April ring is made with a stunning faceted White Cubic Zirconia stone.

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Abbie April

May Birthstone

May is the Emerald Stone. It is believed to promote health, fertility, and wealth. In ancient times, emeralds were believed to protect the health of the wearer.

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Marisa May

June Birthstone

June is the Pearl. Pearls are associated with purity, humility, and innocence. In many cultures pearls are believed to represent long life and prosperity. 

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Josie June

July Birthstone

July is the Ruby. Rubies symbolise strength and courage. They are said to support the emotional health of the wearer. 

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Judy July

August Birthstone

August is the Peridot Stone. The light green gemstone is believed to protect the wearer from evil, negativity and black magic. It helps to relieve stress and calm anger.

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Annie August

September Birthstone

September is the Blue Sapphire. This stone traditionally represents success to all who wear it. It also symbolises faith, loyalty and serenity. The Sapphire is a symbol of truth. 

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Suzie September

October Birthstone

October is the Opal Gemstone. Ancient legends say the opal gemstone will soothe away sadness and envy. Opals symbolise innocence and creativity and are said to strengthen your memory. 

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Ollie October

November Birthstone

November is the Citrine Stone. It is believed to help ward off evil. It helps to remove negativity from the wearer and protect them from negative influence.

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Nancy November

December Birthstone

December is the Blue Copper Turquoise Stone. It is said to bring happiness and good fortune. Turquoise has the ability to change colour, as such it used to be an indicator of the wearer's ill health or danger.

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Daisy December


January 04, 2022