Our go-to pieces of jewellery | Mountain & Moon

We all have our go-to pieces of everyday jewellery. Whether it’s a sentimental necklace with our favourite charm or a pair of hoop earrings you just can’t live without. 

Your everyday jewellery is like the base layer to your daily mood. If you’re feeling like you want to be a little bit more playful you might add to them with some statement pieces. Otherwise, they are the pieces you won’t be caught without.

Your everyday jewellery pieces should be versatile enough to go with almost any outfit - whether it’s a pair of jeans and t-shirt or summer dress. Maybe it’s simply the sentiment attached to them that ties together your overall look.

These are our favourite Mountain & Moon pieces we can’t leave home without.

1. The One and Only Necklace Heart.

The One and Only Necklace is our shortest chain and can be worn as a choker style or sitting pretty at the collarbone. We love this piece with the heart lock as it is perfect to wear every day. It’s also a great necklace to layer with.

One and Only Heart Necklace | Mountain & Moon

2. The Rita Necklace.

The Rita necklace is an everyday piece with personality. Once you have her you just can’t live without her. She looks fabulous with a simple white T-shirt or out to dinner in a low-cut cocktail cami.

Rita Necklace | Mountain & Moon

3. The Elixir Ring.

The Elixir Ring rarely leaves our finger. With 18kt gold plating, the serpent design stays wrapped around our finger all day long. We love to team her with the signet ring.

Elixir Gold Ring | Mountain & Moon

4. The Rachael Necklace

The sell-out Rachael necklace is back! She is the ultimate herringbone chain that ups the ante on your everyday outfit. She never fails to impress and needs no introduction.

Rachael Necklace | Mountain & Moon

5. The Sofia Earrings

You can never say no to a chunky hoop. The Sofia earring is effortless and can be the base layer to any earring party. It’s easy to see why she’s an everyday jewellery piece.

Sofia Hoop Earrings | Mountain & Moon

6. The Rhea Earrings

The Rhea Earrings are for the queen who needs a little more than a hoop. These drop earrings feature a rainbow moonstone and are understated enough to wear every day - yet intricate enough to get noticed. We love her teamed with the Maya Studs.

Rhea Earrings | Mountain & Moon


February 22, 2022