Introducing the Good Luck Charm Collection

Most jewellery boxes contain a charm necklace or bracelet. Whether it was carefully curated by the owner or passed down from an older generation to a loved one. Charm necklaces are timeless - they host an energy that makes us smile every time we see them. 

You can’t resist the nostalgia of a charm necklace. The start of the journey begins with a single gorgeous charm and others are added depending on your mood or the occasion. 

We wanted our beautiful Mountain and Moon customers to harness their very own fortune with our new Good Luck Collection. 

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Each charm design features its own intricate details. From glittering white and coloured Cubic Zirconia crystals to Red Onyx stones. There is so much detail to admire on each charm, all of which represent a historical symbol of luck. 

All of our gold charms are hand finished with meticulously set pavè stone work by our artisans - ethically certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Our Good Luck Charms

From the traditional symbols of luck such as the Shooting Star, Harp, Clover, Wishbone, Elephant and Rainbow, to those that also encourage protection such as the Evil Eye, Chilli and Angel Wings. We also have charms that symbolise the journey of life – such as the Shell, Key and Butterfly.

So which charm will you choose to begin your good luck journey? 

Will it be the Elephant who represents love, wealth, health and longevity – the God of Luck? Or the brilliant blue Evil Eye Charm to help protect you from any ill-will. 

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Also introducing our 5 Exclusive Pre-Made Charm Necklaces.

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We also have 5 exclusive pre-made charm necklaces available. If you’re struggling to pick a favourite charm to begin with, let us choose for you! Using our Roxanne or Rita Necklace as a base, the charms are removable and interchangeable so you can place in different configurations.

As an added bonus, by purchasing one of our exclusive pre-made charm necklaces, you will save 30% off the full price you would pay if you were to buy the necklace and charms separately. 

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We can’t wait to see which charms you choose to adorn yourself and loved ones with!

September 28, 2022