In a nutshell, who is Chantelle?

Chantelle is a creative individual, who is outgoing and believes anything is possible, seeing beauty and potential in life and people is the most important thing to live by. 

You’ve just come back from a mini stint in Sydney, how was it?!

Sydney was an inspiring place, that small experience gave me inspiration towards my art and music, being in a new state surrounded by new things was an adventure. Let's just say i learnt a lot about myself and what i am capable of.

You dabble in modeling/music/creating film/ & more. Do you believe that your generation is all about the ‘slash profile’? Keeping it cool and interesting in many different ways, and not just sticking to one method of creativity?

I definitely believe there are multiple ways and methods of being creative! Being a wallflower in this generation is such a beautiful thing. Even in high school i lived by being the odd one out. Art was my favourite subject in school and my teachers began to grow tired of me, because they would hand out specific work and i would do the complete opposite, I loved to create something on my own that was personal to me. Because art, music, poetry, anything artistic should always be personal. And to me if you want to enter into the art scene, especially in Perth, following the obvious crowd becomes boring. All I ever want is for this generation to have a few misfits that don't mind playing with the rules and making it special to them.

How do you stay happy & healthy?

To be happy in life sometimes is the smallest unnoticed things, like a good book, getting lost with beautiful people, road trips, even rainy days make me happy. And being vegetarian is another way of being healthy mentally and physically, making small life choices make a difference! Looking after your body and mind is important. 

Describe your perfect weekend…

Up in my loft, playing some of my favourite music and painting. 

Any 2017 resolutions?

I never really believed in new years resolutions, i think every day should be a fresh start to make new decisions.

chantelle milanese mountain moon perth jewellery label




Fav crystal.

Amethyst. Which bestows inner peace and peaceful energy.

(I've always been drawn to this one unique crystal) 

Right now I can’t live without…

My favourite song: Salvia Palth - I Was All Over Her

My book where i write all my poetry. 

And being surrounded by up lifting, refreshing people.

Best place in the world I’ve explored.

Unfortunately i haven't traveled yet,

but hopefully this year i will be amongst the beauty of Switzerland.

Most inspiring woman in my life is…

My mother. Such an inspiration to me and makes me want to be a better person.

I feel most beautiful when… 

I can help other people.

Magic is…

Being young, and embracing the power of youth.




February 20, 2017