Who is the YCL Woman?

A YCL woman is a modern day woman, whom is living a mindful life. Despite the fast-paced society she finds herself in, she loves to step back and connect with the true essence of who she is. 

What does running an ethical brand mean to you?

YCL is an extension of my values and beliefs. Running a conscious brand means that every day I am making choices that align with those same values and beliefs, instead of operating our business from a set of rules and beliefs  imposed from society, or from a place of what I think I ‘should’ be doing. 

Favourite part about being the mama of your own label?

Watching it grow, the challenges, surpassing my own vision for the brand faster than what I expected, working with an incredible team and living from my heart every day. 

What are some tips for up-scaling your biz whilst maintaining true to your ethics?

As a CEO I think it’s vital to make sure that any decisions around scaling and growth of a business come from your heart. Just because something might have worked for someone else, might not mean it’s the best path for you personally. Therefore, it’s vital that we grow the business from a place of authenticity, and this is something I have applied to the growth of YCL. I believe it’s imperative that ones values and ethics aren’t comprised, and that the foundation on which one built the brand is maintained as the integral structure of the business.

Tell us about your connection to India & why it has become an integral part of the YCL journey.

I felt called to travel to India within the first year of starting up the brand. I’m not too sure why, but I feel it was the culture and the people that always drew me to the country. After I visited for the first time in January of 2016, I understood where these intuitive calls came from. A lot of our designs were inspired by India and every day I am liaising with our team over there, it will be a country I visit often to design future YCL collections. I am so proud that 30% of YCL designs are now ethically manufactured in India by an incredible team of craftsmen. 

Fabienne, how do you ‘create with heart’?

My designing process is quite intuitive and informal, I’m slowly having to develop more structure around it as YCL grows. However, I feel that dedicating time to design every week is important to me as a creative. I love to design from a space created from the inspiration I get from our YCL Women. 






Fav crystal.

Rose Quartz

Right now I can’t live without…

Currently obsessing over Iced Long Blacks with maple syrup

Best place in the world I’ve explored.


Most inspiring woman in my life is…


I feel most beautiful when…

I am in my garden, in my nighty, makeup free, barefeet, feeling hella feminine

Magic is…

That sparkle in your heart when you’re following your dreams.




January 12, 2017