How would you describe yourself in three words?
Happy, cheeky and sassy ;)

What brings you the most joy in your life?
My friends, family and my business. Waking up every morning knowing I run my own business. I love every minute of it.

Do you have any goals, dreams or resolutions for 2019?
To expand my business and to be successful in the launch of my linen collection in store. My dream is to make Khirzad the ultimate destination for men in Perth.

You are a woman who is always on the go, what is your favourite thing to do to relax or just for yourself?
Every morning when I wake up - regardless how late or busy my day is - I always take the time to prepare my coffee sit outside and enjoy the moment of calmness and peace before the day begins. This is a pleasure I take every morning. Must be why I am late to everything, oops!

Who in your life is inspiring you most right now?
My successful clients, they are my inspiration. They make me work harder as they support my business and my dream. They make me do better in life and bring more to the table in every way.

Your beautiful store Khirzad features Italian design luxury menswear curated to perfection. How does the clothing you sell, and the interior design of the store reflect your personal aesthetic?
I think my whole life, in terms of my home, boutique and the way I dress is very consistent with who I am and what I love. I love antiques and I am a collector of them. I love detail and being totally extra with everything which reflects the interior of the store, my home and also resonates through my personal style. I am not a minimalist at all, I can’t stand it nor appreciate it. I think in life I find the beauty in detail and when I walk into an interior space where there is detail and opulence I just go WOW.

It’s somewhat unique for a woman to steer towards men’s fashion, what drew you to this and how did you get your start?
I love men and I love when a man is dressed well. To me, it fascinates me when I see a man who dresses well with small details, it shows me they care, which I find so attractive and powerful. I started when I was running Pierucci, the Italian fashion house in Perth and that made me appreciate how a man dresses. As a child I was always drawn to how the opposite sex dressed. Anyways, I saw a gap in the market in Perth, as I frequently travelled to Italy and it was my mission to be bring the Italian style and flair to Perth and so far, so good.

Do you have any advice for young women thinking about venturing out on their own entrepreneurial journey?
I think you have to write all your dreams and goals down, every idea you have should be documented because when you do reach your goal, you will look back and remember how it all started, but more importantly the minute you give it meaning by jotting it down is the minute it can become a reality. Surround yourself with successful people who can mentor you the right direction and always believe you can do it, put your insecurities aside. At the end of the day, what do you have to lose?

What are your three Mountain and Moon ‘must-have’ pieces?

The CLEO earrings
The EZRA hoops
The CHA CHA earrings

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December 27, 2018