Olivia, describe yourself in just 3 words…
That’s hard (purely because I hate talking about myself, it’s so awkward I’m one of those people who can’t take a compliment) but I like to think I’m a vivacious, dynamic and driven woman.
We met you a few months ago and love you to pieces already <3 We love that you are a creative whirlwind, constantly working on something new & different. Tell us about what’s going on in your current life adventure…
You girls are so lovely, thank you! Currently my life adventure consists of work and my insanity. I’ve literally been driving myself insane over the last few months creating UNLIKE BANAL – a concept turned website/ blog – it expresses the opposite of what banal means (to be obvious and boring) but also expresses its beauty. It’s purely just a platform for myself after feeling inundated with the works I partake in my spare time, it’ll be an ongoing piece of work where I’ll showcase some of my photography, spill my thoughts and share some human interest stories –I’m so excited about it, it’ll be a bonus if people follow and join my journey. I’ve also recently graduated with a degree in journalism, I work as a social journalist and photographer for the West Australian and The Social Pages Perth – and I do a few shifts a week at my local café (freelancing isn’t always reliable and rent comes by so quickly – it’s due today actually).
Although I studied journalism with the intention of being a hard news journalist it seems fate has a different pathway for me at this time in my life. 
I honestly don’t know where my work will take me, I literally take it week by week and just hope for the best – but I guess that’s what makes it so exciting. I do find myself in stages of doubt because unfortunately money can dictate a lot of what people do, I don’t let it control me though – I wouldn’t be in the industry if I wanted to be a rich bastard.
You are young, creative, motivated & energized. Seems like the best spot to be in right now! Do you feel like Perth is the right place to nurture your aspirations?
I honestly don’t know. I think Perth is a good start, it seems to be a constant ‘everyone knows everyone’ in this city, I live in Fremantle and it’s certainly the case. So I think if you’re doing something well and if you’re doing something different people are going to notice you.
We love how beautifully and naturally you photograph girls, and have witnessed firsthand how passionate you are about building up women & helping to make them feel so comfortable and gorgeous in their own skin. Is this something you feel is lacking in the industries that you work in and what do you feel are some ways in which we can help change that?
That’s the biggest compliment, thank you! I feel absolutely privileged making women feel comfortable and gorgeous, I feel so lucky girls let me in and allow me to capture them it’s one reason why I do what I do - and yes, I’m a big advocate for woman empowerment. We live in a world where it’s so easy to put ourselves down - everything is so accessible on social media and at the drop of a hat we’re comparing ourselves to other women, which is where I think we can improve as a whole by coming together in unity not by judgment or in competition. I actually wrote about this recently for my first blog post - beauty and how we perceived it.
What or who is inspiring you right now? In music, art, fashion, friends, or anything at all really!
Lately I’ve been inspired by magazines, I love print – it’s nice being able to hold something and read and look through it – at people’s hard work. There is a news agent not far from my house and I’ll go, sit on the floor, flick through a couple and pick my favourite. Lula and RUSSH are sitting on my desk right now.
You’re a constant ball of energy Liv! Always looking stunning, smiling, laughing & forever glowing. Can you give us some of your tips for keeping happy & healthy with your busy lifestyle and staying on top of an ever-growing to do list…
Guys you’re making me blush! I’ve fallen deeply in love with a boy, I think that helps but generally I’m driven by my passion – it’s what keeps me motivated to keep working hard.
When it comes to my lifestyle I just try to be as healthy as possible. I’m sure you girls can relate it’s easy to neglect your body when you’re so busy which I’m very guilty for. Recently I’ve been making the effort to workout at the beach because it’s close and beautiful and I spend a few nights of the week cooking. You don’t have to be a gym nut or a nutritionist to be healthy, just find what suits you. And it’s ok to drink alcohol, eat tacos and smoke cigarettes just don’t forget to eat your greens and give your body some loving too.
I also find change to be really satisfying. I just got my hair cut and I feel like a new woman. 






Fav crystal.

I’ve never been into crystals. 

Right now I can’t live without…

My camera.

 [I’d also like to address how good kombucha is] 

Best place in the world I’ve explored.


I was accepted to study at Fudan University in Shanghai whilst undertaking my journalism degree. I was taught a lot about their history and their country. It was quite an eye opening experience. I then travelled around Beijing and Xian, this was over a year ago now so maybe it’s time for my next adventure – I have no idea where or what it’ll be which is exciting. 

Most inspiring woman in my life is…

My mum.  

I feel most beautiful when…

I’m surrounded by love


I have a good summer tan

Magic is…

Our beautiful burning pink sunsets, they’re insane! I still can’t fathom how lucky we are.




October 25, 2017