Bianca, describe your current life situation in a nutshell…

Current life situation is looking after my foster kitty Burt, drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching old films and planning new projects for the new year. 

We met only recently when we reached out to you to shoot our GOSSAMER campaign (which is absolutely stunning if we do say so ourselves!). We have been totally buzzing on the connection that we have and are so excited to continue working together on upcoming projects. How important is it for you to have a strong connection and share a similar vibe with the people you are working with?

And THANK GOD our paths crossed!! It's been an absolute dream working with you both and I cannot wait for our future projects and what's awaiting us. For me it's incredibly important to not only have a strong connection with the team I'm working with but to be on the same wavelength and have the same vision - that's when my best work is captured. These past few months I've been very fortunate to work with you guys and I absolutely love it because our visions are always the same and we create magic.


The way you photograph the girls and women around us constantly blows us away Bianca! You seem to capture both outside & inside beauty within each single frame, and it’s all so effortless & uncontrived. Is your style of shooting something that has just evolved naturally for you or is it something you’ve been working towards for a while now?
Thank you guys! To be honest it's only really been this past year where I have developed my style and I guess passion for this style. For me it's so important to capture something much deeper than just a face in front of a camera. I want my photos to tell a story. My mind is constantly seeking inspiration and I absolutely love it because my style keeps evolving - it's very exciting to see where I'll go with my style of photography.


If your life was a moodboard describe what it looks like in 10 words or less…


Loved ones



Pencils & paper


Best of the 80s albums


Smashed avo


We see you as part of ‘the new guard’ in Perth, this group of creative & talented babes that are making magic in whatever they do. It seems a big theme that you all reject the idea of focusing on just one channel of expression, choosing instead to put your work and inspiration out there via as many different formats & mediums as possible. Is picking one thing and sticking to it an outdated notion today or is it just a personal choice and something that works best for you?

For me personally, I love exploring my creativity and pushing my boundaries. I don't want to just showcase my work in one form, I want to explore my skills and tell stories in many different ways. I've been taught I can do whatever I set my mind to, so I've always put that into practise whenever it comes to my creative work.


We have chatted lots about the pros and cons of being in a small and isolated but extremely lovely, creative & growing city like Perth. Are you happy nurturing your talents here for now or is the rest of Australia and/or the world calling you?

For now I am very happy here in Perth, it definitely can be a bit limiting though I'm very fortunate to have made some special relationships here in Perth with other creatives (like you ladies) and we are all able to help each other out and expose one another. I definitely want to go overseas and pursue photography over there, but for now Perth is my place to be.


2018 has quickly & quietly snuck up on us. It’s scary but exciting right?! Did you make any New Years Resolutions? 

Oh my god I know! Where did this year go?!? I just want to keep evolving and growing creatively and I cannot wait to create more magic in 2018.



Bianca Tuzee Perth Photographer Mountain & Moon creative muse jewellery label





Fav crystal.

Don’t have one!

Right now I can’t live without…


Best place in the world I’ve explored.

Too many beautiful places 

Most inspiring woman in my life is…

My mum (of course) , constantly inspired by women who push boundaries and show strength.

I feel most beautiful when…

I’m happy.

Magic is…




January 10, 2018