Rhea,  you are the ultimate muse for our brand, we are so happy to have crossed paths with you in Delhi one hot summers afternoon! For those that haven’t had the same pleasure, please give us a rundown on who you are, where you are and what you are doing… 

Eeee you are too kind, lovely! I'm Rhea. I'm a photographer, creative director, stylist and consultant. I live in beautiful Goa in India and am from Mumbai. I enjoy creating, day dreaming and meticulously planning my day. I also write often, fangirl over anime and float in the sea from time to time. 


You have so many skills that span across a lot of areas, have you always been set on the path of working in the fashion and creative worlds? And has it been a tough journey to get to this point in your career?

I was always interested in doing something creative. It started with writing poems from a young age and wanting to study animation. I later got interested in Fashion Journalism and decided to do my graduation in that field. I feel I kept developing new skills along the way and freelancing in various areas. All creative things are connected and getting better at one thing feeds the other. I wouldn't say it was tough particularly, but it was filled with long work hours and the determination to do my best. Still is! That's the thing about being a freelancer, the more you put in, the more you end up achieving and the better results you see.


You have been fortunate enough to be able to travel quite a lot for your work, why is travel an important component of your creative process?

I enjoy travelling. I feel with every journey, I learn something new about myself, how I handle things and how I think. It gives me a new perspective at times and also frees up my mind for new emotions, learnings and thoughts. I don't feel it's particularly an important component of my creative process though. I can create anywhere, even in an empty room. As long as my mind is filled with thoughts and ideas, I can create.


Where has your work taken you thus far? And can you tell us about your favourite journey yet…

It's hard to pick a favourite. But one of my favourite locations till date has been the Rann the Kutch. I photographed a creative for Gucci there and I can't wait to go back and shoot something new in that place.

Shooting the MM Muse story for you girls in Perth was such an amazing experience as well. I think creatively and as friends we got along so well, it made the entire shoot immensely special and memorable. 


Where and who do you look to for inspiration for your work?

I find a lot of inspiration from conversations. Not just for work but how people approach their work and how they handle certain situations. I look for meaningful conversations both in life and online. I'll google interviews of photographers and artists and listen to them while I edit images. Apart from that books, movies, anime, manga. 


We have chatted quite a bit with you about the crowded and sometimes suffocating space that is social media. How do you balance the pressures of needing to be constantly present & active online to remain current with your audience, and the necessity of logging off & checking out every now & then so as to not become too reliant on it?

I don't feel the pressure. I perhaps did a few years back, but now I just use it as a tool to update my portfolio or share my thoughts whenever I get the time. It doesn't intrigue me much anymore and I hate seeing advertisements, so I limit how much I use these platforms. I do follow a lot of inspiring people though and it's nice to see what they are up to and to support their work.


What are the pros & cons of being a creative & entrepreneurial woman in India today?   

I think it's the most exciting time to be a creative woman not just in India but to be present and to be creating at this time in this world. So many women have done brilliant work before us and paved the way for us to make our own rules and work on our own terms. 
I don't allow anybody to tell me about 'industry standards' or 'this is how it's always been in this industry.' I feel if you want to do things a certain way; a different way, do them your way. Don't fall back on the 'that's what's been done and therefore it must be right' routine. Our time allows us to do that so we must go for it and push that forward by supporting more of our fellow creatives. Concepts like 'competition' are for the past, now is for collaboration, appreciation and building each other up.


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Fav crystal. 

I'm not into crystals but my mum gifted me an opaque black one. So I'll go with that. :)

Right now I can’t live without…

Love, always.

Best place in the world I’ve explored. 

Hampi in Karnataka, India

Most inspiring woman in my life is…

 My sister, Neha

I feel most beautiful when…

I accomplish

 Magic is…






March 06, 2018