Introducing Sohan! She's a boss babe who starts her day with exercise and a cold brew. She has a beautiful creative brain and resonates stunning positive vibes, so we just had to share some of her energy with you.

A big thank you to the lovely Sohan for sharing a snippet of the inner workings of her mind with us. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did!


Hi lovely lady! For those that don’t know you, can you tell us who you are and what you do, in a nutshell? 

My name is Sohan, I’m from Sydney and I currently work for BuzzFeed as a Senior Publishing Strategist. 

What's your sign baby?

I’m a Capricorn sun and moon and a Pisces rising! Don’t be fooled by my moon sign…I’m more of a Pisces when it comes to my emotions. (Capricorns get a bad rep for being closed off and emotionless). 

Buzzfeed is a huge online platform! How did you come to work there and any tips for others who are looking to follow a similar career path?

I started working at BuzzFeed in mid-2017 as a Social Media Editor— I just saw the job ad, applied, went through the process, and came out the other side! My role has grown and evolved since I started there — now I focus on publishing and content strategy, while also making an appearance in a BuzzFeed YouTube video or two. 

My tips would be – firstly – learn as many skills as possible because it’s so valuable to have a diversified skill set in media. It might not be a requirement but it would make you a better content producer, so don’t limit yourself to social media, or writing, or video. And secondly, create your own experience so you can learn new skills and fill our your resume. Start your own blog, podcast, edit your own videos, it doesn’t have to be massive but it goes a long way!

What does a typical day look like in the life of Sohan?

I like to start the day with some exercise and a cold brew because it gets me GLOWING. I’ll either be working from home — which has been a huge ~thing~ to adapt to since the pandemic started, but we got there in the end — or going into the office to work and shoot some videos, which I love doing cause I get to hang out with my amazing colleagues. During the week I’m such a homebody, especially after work – I’ll probably be cooking dinner with my (new) fiancé (!!) and playing with my cat. But on the weekend??? I will be brunching, lunching or having a bevvie and hanging out with my friends, who honestly rejuvenate my soul.

What motivates you to keep going – even in your toughest times?

The pursuit of happiness. I just want to enjoy my life and follow what makes me feel truly happy. Sometimes that means slowing down and reminding myself to live in the present, and sometimes it means being truly disciplined and committed even when it’s uncomfortable. 

Best advice from someone you admire in your life?

It’s so simple…but switch of work email/slack notifications on your phone. I’m a workaholic girlboss and my phone used to go OFF after hours, and switching notifications off was the best thing I did for my sanity. If it’s urgent, someone can call me, or it can wait until the next working day. 

If you could have a dinner date with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

I tried really hard to think about this, and names that popped up were: Jameela Jamil, Neil Degrasse Tyson and my grandfather who died before I was born. But TBH? I just want to have a dinner date with my best friends, because we always have the best conversations and vibes.

Women are amazing, and we all have super powers right?! What’s yours?

I love how fast my mind moves. There’s never a dull moment in my brain, haha.

If you had to work, but you didn't need the money, what would you do?

I would become a student, and learn 3D graphic rendering. It’s actually something I still want to do in the future. I used to be a video artist and make music videos, and I’d love to evolve that into 3D art.

We believe in manifesting... Any 2022 goals or dreams you want to say out loud?

I want to travel this year!! Don’t know where, but I need to change up my environment…and I’m sure we can ALL relate to that.

Thank you for forever wearing our jewels like such a goddess! What are your most favourite MM styles?

I haven't stopped wearing the Bambina hoops (snakes) since I got them. They are so versatile, they go with everything and can dress up a casual fit and complement a fancy fit as well! I also love wearing MM ring stacks so much — at the moment my favourite styles are the Bianca Ring, Dolly Ring and of course my BFF Rowi's MM collab, the Rowi Ring in Smoky Quartz.

Sohan wears the Victoria Ring, Danica Ring, Bianca Ring, Rowi Ring (Smokey Quartz), Signet Ring, Elixir Ring and Bambina Hoops.

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April 02, 2022