We are obsessed with pendant chains!

Who doesn’t love a pendant chain? They are a timeless piece of jewellery that every Queen should own. Remember how much you used to love charm necklaces when you were a little princess? We do! And now we’re all grown up we just had to create a luxe line of pendant charms to suit every personality.

Each of our pendant charms are high quality micron 18K gold plated and feature a range of designs created by artisans of India.

Shop our Mountain & Moon gold pendants online here.

We recently released our Zodiac collection of pendant necklaces. We’ve always loved reading our horoscopes and what better personal connection is there, than wearing your own sign. Each pendant has been designed to encapsulate your zodiac, with a stunning 18K gold plated finish.

Shop our beautiful Zodiac Pendant Collection online here.

Some of our other favourite Mountain & Moon pendants include:

The classic Rosetta Necklace – it captures nostalgic beauty and is iconic to our collection. A thornless rose symbolises love at first sight, which is exactly how we feel about this gem.

Shop the Rosetta Necklace online now.

Next, we adore our Aphrodite Necklace charm. She is stunning in every way – down to the smallest detail! The Aphrodite Necklace features a sculptural gold vessel with delicate pearl drop. Aphrodite is a 3d charm, which means she can also be worn on your hoop earrings!

Shop the Aphrodite Necklace online now.

Finally, we love all our babies, but the Musk Ball Necklace really is a beauty. The Musk Ball is a beautiful sphere cage, with a hammered gold finish. She’s perfect for layering on any of our three different chain options.

Shop the Musk Ball Necklace online now. 

Yes! We also have three different chain options and lengths so that you can layer all your favourites!

Choose from our beautiful range of 18K gold necklace chains including:

The Plain gold necklace chain is 16 inches long.

The Twisted Chain necklace chain is 19 inches long.

The Link Chain is 22 inches long.

Shop each chain individually or with a beautiful Mountain & Moon Pendant.


May 01, 2022