A New York Minute with Em Davies


Hi Em! Our capsule collaboration has finally arrived & we are sooo excited! Tell us how you are feeling about the launch of your beautiful collection?

I’ve never been so excited for a collaboration. Everything about this collection feels so on brand for me. From the brand, to the designs right down to the shoot. It was a dream come true!

What were you inspired by when we first started to design the jewellery together?

My fiancé and I got engaged in New York, and I was wearing MM for the whole trip – so I have the most beautiful memories attached to the brand.

Three words to describe the final collection?

Chic, versatile and modern!

You’re such a jewellery girly and that’s why we knew you were the perfect woman to collaborate with on this! What is your connection to jewels & why are they important to you?

Growing up, I’ve always been an “over accessorizer” I guess you would say. I strongly believe that any outfit can be dressed up with jewellery. The older I get, the more value I find in re-wearing key pieces in my wardrobe and I feel as though having exciting jewellery pieces to style my clothing with truly makes all the difference.

Any exclusive Em styling tips for paring back these jewels with outfits?

I never thought I'd say this but… mix and match your gold and silvers! I’ve found with this collection the silver and gold pair so nicely together. It's quite new to me to mix my jewellery – but I'm absolutely loving it!

Absolutely obsessed with the iconic campaign! Why NYC & what was it like popping over there for this project?

NYC holds such a special place in my heart – Joel and I got engaged there and I have some core memories there. Everything about the place I love. The streets, the fashion, the people.. everything. I feel as though the collection suits NYC to a tee which is why I just HAD to shoot it there. It felt right!

What are your fave must visit spots in the city?

Soho for shopping (and pictures, it's so beautiful). Also the Plaza Hotel – we shot some of our campaign there and I truly have no words. It's incredible and Sadelles for an iconic bagel and coffee!

You’re a frequent flyer, how do you choose which jewels go on vacation with you?

I don’t tbh… I take them all! You can never have too many in my opinion.

How do you hope that people feel when wearing these jewels?

Confident. Honestly, if I’m feeling down or I’m having a rough day – whenever I put some glam on and dress up a little I instantly feel better. This collection should do exactly that.

juin 10, 2024