In a nutshell, who is Nerize?

Nerize is a 17 year old South African girl who just graduated! Yay! I'm in love with the beach and reading, as well as OITNB and Walking Dead. Animals are a must in my life! As is coffee. 

How were you discovered?

I was on my way to get signed with another agency actually, until I was discovered by an amazing woman called Charlie, who set up my meeting with Viviens. I met with the fabulous team at Vivs and the rest is history!

Favourite part about the modeling world?

All the wonderful people you meet, especially the gorgeous models who aren't actually bitchy at all (like movies show them to be). They're such lovely people, and I've definitely made some life long friends! Plus the amazing clothes you get to wear (like Armani!!)

What’s your best shoot experience so far?

I have plenty of good experiences with shoots. The best ones that resonate with me are definitely the ones where it feels natural and positive the whole time, and overall is just an enjoyable experience. The MM Relics Collection shoot is definitely up there are one of my favourites!

How do you stay happy & healthy?

I make sure to listen to my body, exercise often and do what makes me feel good. I enjoy things in moderation and promote positive vibes when it comes to how I view myself by not comparing myself to others. I wear things that make me feel happy and confident, and surround myself with people who don't promote negative things

Describe your perfect weekend…

The perfect weekend would consist of good friends, the beach, books and good music... and of course my dog! (And pizza...)

You’ve just finished school, wooh! What’s next?

 Woo! Couldn't be happier! 2017 for me will hopefully be filled with travelling all over the world, preparing myself for university and positive life experiences, like volunteering and helping those in need because it just makes you feel good to help others and obviously has a positive impact on someone else. 


nerize peyper viviens model mountain and moon jewellery australian designer label


Fav crystal.
Rose Quartz
Right now I can’t live without…
The sticky fingers albums and good books!
Best place in the world I’ve explored.
Mauritius, it's absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing. 
Most inspiring woman in my life is…
Hands down my mum! Think super supportive, loving and gorgeous with a great sense of humour. Everything I want to be.
I feel most beautiful when…
I'm happy, because if I'm happy I feel good about myself and everything else, and to me happiness just radiates beauty. I forget about anxieties I have regarding myself when I'm happy and positive. 
Magic is…
Being transported into a different world by a truly talented author. 



December 12, 2016