Introducing the beautiful Rashmi Nair, a multifaceted statement woman who we are proud to call an MM Muse. She stars in some of the most gorgeous and edgy imagery coming straight out of Delhi, the crazy, chaotic but inspiring city which seems to house some of the most amazingly creative talents that we absolutely love to connect with. If you're yet to cast your eye on India, it is a place to watch for up and coming models, talent, labels and creative then we suggest you take a look, we couldn't be more inspired by our second home. 

Hey Rashmi, we have admired you from afar and now we are so excited to get to know you better! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself…in a nutshell 

Hi! That is so sweet, I am absolutely thrilled to be doing this. So I am a cabin attendant by profession but I love to model as well alongside, why choose one love right ;)  

What’s your sign? And what does it mean to you?

Umm I actually do not really believe in sun signs, but I am a Cancerian.
How did you get into modelling you beautiful woman?!

Now that you ask about it I realise it sort of just happened. I used to love getting my pictures taken by friends and a brand kinda saw the pictures and liked them, afterwards I kept on taking a few assignments here and there for some income during college and as luck would have it I have been blessed with some really cool projects.

Give us some insight into what it’s like living in a typically chaotic city like Delhi, and how you find the fashion & creative scene?

Delhi is an absolute delight, from creatives to manufacturers, marketing and the customers as well. You will find the streets an amalgamation of the old world charm and the next gen fashion. I have made so many friends in the industry and they are not only crazy talented but so heartful and kind. 

If you could jetset to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Wow, that is a really difficult question because eventually I want to have travelled everywhere possible, in general anywhere with a beautiful beach, let’s say Bora Bora for now because that’s the last place I looked at :)

We sometimes feel like all we do is eat food and talk about food… are you with us?! What’s your favourite dish to cook or eat out?

Ah, yes absolutely! I am always ready to go out eating! I can’t cook but definitely sushi!

Morning routines are having their moment right now… but they have always been our guilty pleasure tbh. What’s your typical routine?

I honestly haven’t gotten down a routine yet, my mornings are really different from one another because at times I have a really early morning flight or call time and on others I might just sleep in. But usually I would have a big glass of water, some fruits and milk while catching up with whatever I was watching last. Not ideal but yes.
Best life advice from your mama?

To give things time and not rush into anything because you are feeling impatient.

You’re our muse, for this interview & forever. Who’s your muse Rashmi?

My mother absolutely, she moved to Delhi after marriage from Kerala and from learning a whole new culture to raising two children alongside balancing a career, she did it all and with such grace. She really is an amazing woman.

We absolutely died seeing you in our jewels! Why do you love to wear jewellery? And what’s your favourite MM pieces?

I am a South Indian we love our jewellery! :D I love the Rachael necklace a lot! It is so versatile, a great piece to layer with others and even on its own it’s a really good chain. You can catch me wearing it on most days.

Photo of Rashmi Nair Delhi Model Creative Mountain & Moon jewellery muse

Photo of Rashmi Nair Delhi Model Creative Mountain & Moon jewellery muse

Photo of Rashmi Nair Delhi Model Creative Mountain & Moon jewellery muse

Image of Rashmi Nair Delhi fashion model muse of Mountain & Moon jewellery label Australia

You can follow the beautiful Rashmi & connect with her here.
Rashmi wears the Rachael Necklace and the Maiko Earrings.

November 13, 2019