An LA Queen after our own hearts <3 Sara Khalid caught our attention with her gorgeous photography work but has kept us smitten with her many talents, beautiful spirit, and wow can we talk about that glowing skin?! We love watching her continue to climb new heights every day and can't wait til our paths cross one day soon. If you need a positive influence in your life, go no further, this woman is the real deal!

Hey Sara, we are so happy to be chatting with you! For those who don’t know you yet, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

My favorite ladies on earth! Ahh I am so happy to be doing this with you incredible boss ladies. Nice to meet everyone, my name is Sara Khalid, I am a creative human being. I have always had an eye for creativity, and would find absolutely any way to express myself growing up. To dial it down, I specialize in Photography, Video, and Music.

Whats your sign baby?

I'm an Aquarius sun, Leo moon, and Aries rising. She is fireyyyyy!

You are truly a multi-faceted talented Queen, and your level of creativity is inspiring <3 What tips do you have for other girls who don't feel like they just want to stick to one discipline?

Wow, what a title. Thank you so much for your kind words. One thing I always tell myself is, there is no need to limit who I am. It would be a shame if I only stuck to one thing when I have a soul filled with many purposes. You have to be comfortable embracing every part of you because remember this, people are looking up to you and there are so many different ways you can reach people when you are multifaceted. Look at it as a way to expand your universal connectivity. If Rihanna can do it, you sure as hell can.

We are high key obsessed with finding out other women's morning routines! What's yours Sara?

A solid morning ritual sets the tone for the day to come. I have just recently moved into my new space and have been traveling for a while so I lost my morning routine which is sacred to me. I have finally settled into my space a bit and am getting back into my flow. As of late, I wake up and make a hot cup of tea, then I take a nice shower and start getting ready for the day. I always feel much more confident and put together when I am ready. After, I make myself a good smoothie or salad, and then go out into the world ready to dominate.  I need to incorporate morning meditations again, those are vital.

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?
I’d be on a flight to New York to go work on my album! I am finally ready to take my music endeavors to the next level.

Best advice from your mama?

My mom always taught me the importance of independence. The best thing she ever did was let me be free to find myself. 

You’re our muse, who is yours?

My muse is my best friend Sun-tzu @blueberry.babe . When her and I create all the stars align. I love capturing her essence, she is truly ethereal and the most beautiful soul I’ve crossed paths with. I love you Sunny! ♥ 

Do you have any exciting goals for the near future?

I am so excited for the future. In my photo world, I have been pushing bigger projects to brands and am hoping to continue working on bigger campaign projects. In my music world, I am starting to piece my vision together and am starting to work on a body of work to put out into the world, I am sooooooooooo ready for the day people can feel my soul even more. Music is my way to influence the world.

Your everyday looks are always on point honey! Why do you like to accessorise with jewels?

Ugh, all the gas! You guys are making me feel so great today. Accessorizing brings the entire look together. When I wear jewelry I just feel powerful. Rings especially make me feel like a boss ass bitch. 

What’s your favourite MM styles?

MM pieces have become a staple in my everyday looks. Your rings have changed my life, seriously. When I put them on I feel so in my power and unstoppable. My absolute favorite styles are: 

Cleo earrings ( I feel like an Egyptian queen in these)

Want to find out more about this goddess? Find Sara online here and here <3
October 17, 2019